March 21, 2023

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Dearborn Andiamo to be Boardwalk Eateries food hall, co-working space

New owners of the former Dearborn Andiamo property have big plans for the Michigan Avenue site, including a food hall concept.

The property was bought by real estate developer Aboudi Beydoun in February. Beydoun is also involved in the oil industry, owning multiple gas stations, and is a fuel provider in the metro area. 

Aboudi Beydoun

Also investing in the property and business is Ali Moubarak, a Dearborn attorney, and Karl Makky and Tony Duhani, owners of Avenue American Bistro in Wayne.

Ali Moubarak is one of the investors in the former Dearborn Andiamo

Plans are for a “high-end culinary experience” called Boardwalk Eateries, Beydoun told the Free Press. There will be 10 food stalls offering different concepts, from chicken to smoothies and juices to Asian fusion and Mediterranean handheld foods.  

All the food offerings will be certified halal. Halal, the Arabic word meaning “permitted,” refers to Islamic dietary laws requiring a prescribed method of slaughter.