March 27, 2023

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Hotels, motels have become Denton’s new affordable housing | Denton

The motel near Interstate 35 doesn’t look like a place where a family would want to raise its children. A base-colored building falling into disrepair, the upstairs walkway leans from the weight of the number of families who have called this place home since long before the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is our first time having to deal with this situation. We’ve always been able to find affordable housing,” one family who wished to remain anonymous because of safety concerns told the Denton Record-Chronicle. “The area where we are is not a good area for our kids. We can’t let them go outside. We have to go to a park because the people who come around here are far-gone drug addicts.”

Many Denton residents, including families with children, are having to use hotels and motels, such as the Studio 6 off Interstate 35, for long-term housing because of the lack of apartments and houses they can afford.

Crystal "Shorty" Gutierrez mirror

Crystal “Shorty” Gutierrez uses the mirror in her room at the Studio 6 in Denton as a pseudo-organizer and message board for her and her three children.