March 31, 2023

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Krizzia Yanga is Weaving Filipino Delicacies Into Columbus’ Culinary Landscape

Many thanks to Krizzia Yanga, Columbus has arrive to know the delights of Filipino delicacies, 1st through her bygone Red Velvet Café, followed in 2016 by the full-company Bonifacio and now by means of Boni, her road meals eatery in Budd Dairy Food stuff Hall. “I had developed up in Columbus and never genuinely observed Filipino foodstuff represented in a mainstream way,” Yanga says. “When we started off introducing it at Purple Velvet, it was a packed house every weekend. There were being Filipino dining places opening close to the region doing a fashionable interpretation and advertising it outdoors of Filipino communities. That’s when we made the decision to commence seeking for a dedicated cafe house.” By and substantial, Columbus diners have been keen to embrace Filipino fare, and aspect of Yanga’s position is to teach. “For a ton of individuals it’s the 1st time [trying Filipino food], or they’ve developed up with a Filipino finest buddy and are diving in further,” Yanga states.