March 26, 2023

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‘Totally Pizza’ tells ‘The Wild Tale of the World’s Most Renowned Food’

“Totally Pizza: The Wild Story of The World’s Most Renowned Food” by Mark Masker

The subtitle of the e book “Totally Pizza” is “The Wild Story of the World’s Most Famed Foodstuff.” It prospects the reader to consider there is just one particular extended, wild tale in its web pages. Not so.

The writer, Mark Masker, acknowledged he was currently being modest in working with the singular.

“It getting my first book, I did not want to make massive promises,” the veteran magazine writer/blogger stated in a phone interview from his property in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Inside are lots of wild tales of culinary history – and anecdotes, trivia and pop quizzes – served in chunk-sized parts. Masker’s humorous composing design and style will help makes the e book pleasing.

The funnies get started in the preface. Masker tells about his have pizza habit, commencing in the 1970s when his moms and dads fed him frozen pizza:

“It was acquire-acquire for most people. I favored it mainly because pizza shut me up immediately when I was hungry, and my people liked it due to the fact it shut me up speedily when I was hungry.”

Following is the introduction (“Mom, exactly where do pizzas appear from?”) which addresses two of a few primary ingredients of pizza – cheese and sauce.

Bread will come afterwards.

Mark Masker

Masker writes that mozzarella, provolone, cheddar and Parmesan are the most well-liked pizza cheeses. Generally-additional toppings are Emmental, Romano or ricotta cheese. Other processed cheeses are applied for mass generating pizza.

Pause a second. Here’s part a person of a two-component quiz. Accurate or bogus some estimates condition that only 40% of all pizza cheese in the United States is precise mozzarella cheese. Answer: False. It is 30%.

Back to the narrative. Masker claims tomato sauce is the unifying element of any pizza, however true Neopolitan-style pizza sauce is marinara, with herbs, garlic and onion. He claims that to a Neopolitan (an individual from Naples), you use San Marzano, the queen of tomatoes.

The intro jumps to the topic of meat, particularly pepperoni, with the author’s welcome, humorous commentary. Masker says pepperoni is “the most common of pizza meats, with its distinct molten reddish grease and tiny spicy kick. Oh, how I love you. I just wish you’d fall the act and prevent permitting anyone believe you come from Italy.”

Most likely, he speculates, pepperoni was “invented” by Italian immigrants in the United States in the early 20th century.

Masker alleges the phrase “pizza” arrived into use in the yr 997 A.D. but it was not right up until centuries later that the so-named “modern” pizza was born in Naples. Thought of a staple for Naples’ inadequate, it was topped with salt, lard, garlic and maybe pepper.

Masker mentions a number of venerable 18th century Neopolitan pizzerias. A single of them, Pizzeria Brandi, designed a few unique pizzas for Queen Margherita and King Umberto of Savoy in the late 19th century, Masker writes. The queen favored the pizza with mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, symbolizing the tricolored Italian flag, he provides. To this day it is termed a Margherita pizza.

The book considers regional categories of “American Pie” – foldable New York slices, deep-dish Chicago pies and California’s connoisseur pizzas. The portion “Franchise Pizza” zeros in on the histories of Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s, Chuck E. Cheese and retail store-purchased frozen and package pizza.

There’s a significant chapter in yet a further portion, titled “Extra Cheese.”

In section, it discusses the involvement of structured criminal offense in illicit pizza component enterprises, with some pizza parlors in the Northeast and Midwest as fronts for the mob’s drug functions.

The guide moves on from the mob to search at the increase of gourmand and artisan pizza, and at intercontinental perspectives of the pie. In the final chapter, “Pizza in Pop Society,” Masker mentions pizza referenced in the films. Two 1989 films are “Mystic Pizza,” established in a Northeast pizzeria recognised for its distinctive sauce starring Julia Roberts, and Spike Lee’s movie “Do the Suitable Issue,” in which Lee’s character delivered pizza.

The creator lastly provides up a batch of “Pizza Rates,” what some have reported, or sang, about the dish. Notable is crooner Dean Martin, of Rat Pack fame, who popularized the track “That’s Amore.” It has this rhyming silliness, “When the moon hits your eye like a large pizza pie, that’s amore.” Ciao.

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“Totally Pizza” is the debut publication of Sunbelt Editions, the imprint of Albuquerque-primarily based Sunbelt Displays Inc., a producer of trade/buyer shows. Creator/food historian Dave DeWitt is Sunbelt’s publisher. Masker is affiliate publisher.

Copies of the ebook are obtainable at and